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Hot local services start-up Oneflare has acquired Australia’s largest customer reviews website

Australia's fastest growing local services platform, Oneflare has recently acquired Word of Mouth Online (WOMO), the country’s largest customer reviews website. With hundreds of thousands...

Six ways to deal with a bad review

Everyone loves receiving positive reviews commending about their outstanding service or product. However, life is not a bed of roses and the world of...

The ratings game for customers is all about the ‘senses’!

You might never guess why vets would get the highest consumer satisfaction ratings, or why advertising and marketing would get the worst rap. Or...

These five customers drive business owners crazy! However, there’s a remedy for each one…

The ideal and, most valuable, customers are ones who are loyal to a brand, willing to spend more than the minimum dollar value and...

Customer lurrrvve – are you getting enough?

Few things warm business owners' hearts more than positive customer feedback. If we’re truthful, it’s why we got into business in the first place.

Five things I’ve learned about consumer behaviour (that contradict everything you’ve been taught)

After four years at the healm of business reviews website, Fiona Adler has learnt lots of things along the way – not the least of which are some surprising insights about consumer behaviour. Having access to so much customer satisfaction data has changed her way of thinking about consumers – and changed it for the better. Here are her five lessons to change the way you think about consumer behaviour too.