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Treasury chief Ken Henry should be replaced, while Gillard seeks new economic advisers

In this week's overview of the economy, RMIT economist Sinclair Davidson voices the belief that Treasury chief Ken Henry is likely to be replaced, while Julia Gillard seeks new economic advisers. He says the Gillard Government will need to slash spending to bring about the budget surplus she says the government is committed to achieving.

Marketing is war

Marketing is war, anyway you look at it. You are battling the enemy, your competition. You are battling to dominate the market. Marketing is combat, and for every combat you need a strategy. Tighten your helmet as Jordan Mullen guides you through the trenches.

Marketing is War – Podcast

Listen to Jordan Mullen's 'Marketin is War' podcast.

Digging For Gold

It’s no coincidence that those old-time miners, enduring the elements and living with uncertainty in their quest for gold, have a lot in common...

When the price is right

Tougher trading conditions and increasing costs are common concerns for many small businesses in today’s economic environment, but it doesn’t mean that you need to resign yourself to tighter margins and declining profits. What it does require is for those businesses to take a closer look at the fundamentals of their operations – inputs, outputs and pricing. In challenging times, reassessing and restructuring your pricing strategy is critical and could be the key to unlocking financial relief. If managed well, it can help to shore-up the business, enabling you to reap the rewards when conditions improve.

Stupid satisfaction surveys

Reading that your customers are satisfied might give you a warm-fuzzy feeling, but what do you really learn? Katie Harris thinks that to improve...

The risk with green

Henry Ford’s marketing promise has moved on the colour wheel. Every company, product and service, from diapers through to life insurance, has become green.

The Fine Print: Know your art

Published in Australian Anthill Magazine, Dec 2008/Jan 2009 The most successful companies not only continually innovate but they position their innovations within a framework of competitor...

Keeping the cyber-wolves at bay

Published in Australian Anthill Magazine, Dec 2008/Jan 2009 You probably cannot remember the last time you awoke to an inbox filled with messages titled, “I...

It’s the right time to start a new business

Published in Australian Anthill Magazine, Dec 2008/Jan 2009 Economic downturn? What an opportunity! Mick Liubinskas explores the upside of the downturn for serious start-up entrepreneurs. I...

The national innovation review – what next?

We’ve all had time to chew on the Federal Government’s innovation review findings. What will it mean in real terms? For John Kapeleris, the...

How to secure a government grant (questions answered)

Australian Anthill Magazine Dec 2008/Jan 2009 As part of the Magazine 2.0 Experiment, we asked our readers to pose questions via our blog concerning the government...

Anti-climax: Finance and venture capital news

Forget recession. There’s money out there. Just ask Aconex. By Paul Ryan “We feel like the little ray of sunshine. The last thing to fly from...

7 things successful small businesses do online

Search online for any product/service and you will find a plethora of small businesses offering it for sale, either through their own virtual shop-fronts...

Replacing Dior with diaper bags

Australian Anthill Magazine Dec...

Silicon Valley is a graveyard

While pitching his new company at the TechCrunch50 conference in San Francisco, Australian digital media maven Kevin Garber couldn’t help but feel dismayed that the cream of the world’s web entrepreneurs were mostly obsessed with sizzle over substance.

Magazine 2.0 Experiment

How we did it. Earlier this year, we trialled an experiment in ‘new economy’ journalism, which we quickly dubbed Magazine 2.0. In it we asked...

How to open a bar

As a former public relations consultant, Matt Mullins once made a living telling stories. Now, as a publican, his job is more about listening...

How to buy into a franchise

Former wine wholesale owner, Andrew McAllister, switched bottles for burgers when his small wine wholesale company started to head south. Getting the taste for...

How to make money from your art

Graphic designer Leah Bartholomew had a creative vision – to turn her art into a solo exhibition. With a little help from her friends...