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Five steps to winning the pitch every time

Here are five things that you can do to make sure you get the best results when pitching for new business.

Stay relevant by getting to know your customers

Downturn or not, the growth of any business relies on how well you know your customer and what you do with that information. As the owner/CEO of a business, you have the responsibility to ensure your customers understand what your business offers, and to do that you must understand what it is your customers need - and anticipate that their needs change regularly.

Top 10 Digital Signage Tips

Here are the top 10 tips to get Out-of-Home Digital (OOHD) media working for your business.

Why executives fear social media

In this video, New York Times technology columnist/blogger David Pogue makes some interesting points on why many executives fear social media, citing loss of control and reluctance to part with their one-way, broadcast spin mentality, to mention a few.

With the recent boom in online viral marketing through sites such as YouTube and Facebook, many people seem to have forgotten that word-of-mouth is...

Strategy: Securing your first customer

Achieving your first sale can literally make or break a start-up. Many investors will delay committing significant funds until you can identify a customer...