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How can digital services keep up with customer expectations in this new “always on”...

Our expectations of digital services have evolved as we shift to an "always-on" world. From the moment we wake up, we rely on technology to navigate our lives.

We have come so far, so quickly: kids and technology [VIDEO]

This is a video that includes Ellen doing one of her stand-up pieces to her audience and then, interviewing kids about old bits of...

Five reasons why your business isn’t attracting repeat customers, and what you can do...

Do your customers only come around once and never return? You must be wondering where you are going wrong. In my experience, customers need three...

The number one activity to get people talking about your brand

Do you want people to talk about your brand? Of course you do. Whether you’re a for-profit or a for-purpose you know this is exactly...

The tale of two Christmas deliveries that went wrong, and what happened next

It's a busy time of year. But, if you're a retailer and happily enjoy the boom of Christmas sales, ensure you're delivering on, well, delivery. This is the tale of two Christmas deliveries that went wrong.