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Apple Watch ads: exactly what you’d expect [VIDEO]

These are the three ads for Apple Watch. And, yes, they are exactly what you'd expect from Apple. They are smart, well-shot and with music that...

How Dropbox followed the Lean Startup to get 4 million users [VIDEO]

The founder of Dropbox, Drew Houston had an idea. But, once he discovered Eric Ries's Lean Startup blog, he put these lean ideas into action. What...

Every entrepreneur can learn one vital lesson from this dog making its bed [VIDEO]

Yes, it's tenuous video business link time again. But, as always, I mean it. There is one thing that every business owner, every product designer and...

How to create demand for a really boring product [VIDEO]

Of all the household chores, there's one thing I like the least. That's ironing. But, it's closely followed by vacuuming. Even with a Dyson, vacuuming...

I am flummoxed by Ikea’s decision to force the closure of IkeaHackers

Are you? To fill you in, IkeaHackers is a site that showcases how people have taken standard Ikea products, and hacked them into something else. And,...

What are three of the biggest trends in digital right now? [VIDEO]

In this short video from Inc, Shama Hyder outlines three digital trends that every business needs to be aware of. These trends won't come as...

If you ever doubted there was a generation of digital natives, watch this! [VIDEO]

The first computer I had anything do with was my brothers. He saved up and bought an Atari 400. The 400 referred to the size...

User centred design: why you need to think like a cat [VIDEO]

The fundamentals of customer based design (CBD) is that you must think like your customers. You must view the world from their perspective, in order to understand it, and solve the problems of your customers. So, if your customers happen to be a cat, this video is for you.

Why you should fail often, in order to succeed sooner [VIDEO]

What do shopping trolleys, Free Willy and the mouse for the Apple Mac have in common? Well, it's the stunning design process that IDEO used to design these, well sort of, every day items. Some people may have a need for an every day killer whale.