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More Australians are embracing micro-entrepreneurship, social media and digital pathways to success

One in four Aussies are now self-employed in their own business, and many more have indicated their intentions to launch a start-up in the future.

This company raised AU$1 million in pre-order sales for its hi-tech earbuds

The start that this smart Aussie tech company had was far from good. It was awesome! On crowd-funding platform Indiegogo, they hit their goal in two hours, reached the $100,000 mark within one day and had reached over $300,000 by the end of that first week.

The Fibonacci Clock that everyone needs! [VIDEO]

This is a cracking product currently raising funds on Kickstarter. And, it's one of the geekiest clock imaginable. Rather than numbers, it uses the Fibonacci...

Never buy another notebook, other than this one [VIDEO]

Despite using technology all day, everyday, sometimes you just have to write something down. Or draw. Or just sketch out that idea that's in your head. But,...

Go one step further than having a standing desk [VIDEO]

We've all heard that sitting is the new smoking; in terms of what it is doing to our health. We all sit too much, often...

Solar freakin’ roadways: an epic idea with an epic promo video [VIDEO]

Where do I start with this one? Quite simply, this innovation is awesome. Solar panels that can be used to pave roads. Our night time...

There’s way more to ‘the crowd’ than just finding funds and resources: The NeoLucida...

The NeoLucida Project began an idea of two art professors, Pablo Garcia and Golan Levin. They wanted to recreate an antique drawing device to...

Support Australian kidpreneurs this festive season and torture their mentors, just for fun!

At thirteen years old serial entrepreneur Creel Price started his first business and years on he is helping develop Australia’s next generation of entrepreneurs....

If you love Transformers, then you definitely have to see this boat! [VIDEO]

Imagine this: a flat-packed boat which easily fits on any car’s roof racks. There's no need for a costly and space-consuming trailer. It can...

Wanna help local entrepreneurs represent at G20YEA Moscow? They need a little push from...

In case you haven’t heard, 20 lucky young entrepreneurs will be representing Australia at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Summit Moscow in June. But they need your help. Ten of those invited teams are early stage startups with extremely tight budgets, and desperately they need some help getting to the upcoming G20YEA Moscow.

Stand out of the crowd with crowd funding. Ironic huh?

So what the heck is crowd funding? Basically, this is how crowd funding goes. People come together, usually via the internet, pool their cash and inject it all together into an initiative by another person or organisation.

Crowd funding – easy capital or legal nightmare?

Crowd funding has come a long way from its origins backing struggling rock bands. It has proven to be a highly successful vehicle to raise funds for disaster relief, philanthropic activities, supporting bloggers and website operators, political campaigns,software development, and scientific research. The next frontier is capital for start up companies.

What is crowd-funding? And why can’t we get the legislation to support it in...

How cool (and efficient) would it be if you could tap Facebook not just to network with your friends but to also raise capital for your startup? Or perhaps LinkedIn? Or even Twitter. In November, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Entrepreneur Access to Capital Bill that will enable startups to raise capital in novel, and informal, ways. So, how why can we get the legislation to support crowd-funding in Australia?

New Aussie brand has it in the bag, crowdsourcing luxury on Kickstarter

Fancy building a global brand from scratch? What if we threw language barriers, different work cultures and new tax regulations into the mix? Sydneysiders Alex Herlihy and Chloe Vandervord have done just that. The intrepid duo recently launched luxury leather bag line ECEL – from Buenos Aires, no less.

Arts crowd-funding platform Pozible hits $1 million pledges, and shares 11 tips to crowd-funding...

Way back in June, we introduced you to Pozible, a newish online platform sharing the crowd-funding love with Australia’s arts industry. Just five wee months later, founders Rick Chen and Alan Crabbe have reached a cool $1 million in pledges. Here are Pozible’s 11 tips to crowd-funding success.

Ryan Wardell, 2011 Anthill 30under30 Up-and-Comer

Crowd-funding has been spun as a viable alternative to traditional modes of finance and sponsorship in Australia, particularly for cash-strapped artists and independent filmmakers. But what if the crowd-funding model can be applied to startups as well? It's a question that has been floated recently, and Ryan Wardell thinks he has the answer. He's just launched Project PowerUp, and if it catches on, it will do for small businesses what Kickstarter has done for the arts.

Will crowd-funding save the Australian arts industry? Anything’s Pozible…

Crowd-funding, while nothing new globally, is still in its infancy in Oz. Provided it can remain on the good side of Australia’s consumer protection laws, it has the potential to go gangbusters in traditionally underfunded segments, like the arts.


How to build a retail empire with James Webber [FREE REPORT]

Starting any new business is hard, but starting an online retail business is particularly hard. You see, this is one industry that combines technology, logistics and, of course, marketing – it’s a juggling act. To help us crack this hard nut, we sought the wisdom James Webber, CEO at Bookworld.


The Facebook Honey Trap with James Tuckerman [CHEAT SHEET]

This cheat sheet was developed to help small business operators harness the incomparable (and undeniable) potency of Facebook to recruit fans, spread the word, and (most importantly) generate inbound business.


New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...