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How to be more confident: essential viewing for every entrepreneur [VIDEO]

We all know that body language tells us a lot about other people. But, did you know that your body language also shapes how you...

Can this wearable piece of tech improve yourself confidence? [VIDEO]

You know how your mum always told you to stand up straight? Well, this bit of wearable tech replaces her need to nag you about...

What are the keys to entrepreneurial success? You won’t believe the difference one behaviour...

There are many resources available that list the characteristic traits of an ideal entrepreneur, including what you should be masters of and, what natural...

Look in the mirror. Do you see what everyone else sees? Chances are, you...

Do we ever see ourselves as other see us? It's an interesting question, one that Dove is tackling in its latest campaign to change how women (and men) see themselves.

How do Australian executives feel about the current business climate? [PODCAST]

Barry Westhorpe is Chief Executive of The CEO Institute - Victoria, a leading networking group for senior executives. In this podcast, Westhorpe explains the results of a recent report released by the institute on CEO confidence levels in Australia. While news has been good for the financial and service sectors, business sentiment is turning pessimistic due to uncertainty in overseas markets and in Government policy on SMEs.

Australian women less confident in the economy than men. Could this hurt spending?

According to Michael Blythe, Commonwealth Bank Chief Economist, “The divergence between retail and non-retail spending trends, where women and men’s spending dominate respectively, correlates with the divide in gender sentiment. Department store sales, for example, where women are responsible for 59% of spending, is soft. And this softness is linked to the less positive sentiment of female consumers.”

Did the value of your business rise or fall last quarter? For most, it...

Although market confidence jumped towards the end of 2010, the September quarter revealed business values holding steady, according to the latest survey from the BizExchange Index, which measures private business value. The group expects the Australian economy to stay relatively flat for the next 6-12 months, continuing its general forecast.