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Losing steam? Here are five ways to supercharge your business to new levels

The most successful entrepreneurs are those who believe business should be dynamic. Here are 5 tips on how to boost your business to new levels.

After conquering interior design, this successful blogger is now tapping into Australia’s reno addiction

Gone are the days when blogging was just a hobby. Today, when done well, it is a really viable business opportunity to rake in...

Why we started a blog before we launched our start-up and, why you should...

Why did we start a blog long before we launched our startup? Well, it certainly wasn’t because we needed something to do until our...

Get traffic, seduce prospects and educate customers with Pete Williams’ content leverage system ...

What does Google love? Frequent content. Recent content. Quality content.

Pete Williams has created a series of techniques to make content creation easy, repeatable and also highly monetisable. Learn how Pete is able to transform one item of compelling content into 30... including videos, podcasts, educational courses and much more.
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Blogging for busy business builders and CEOs [ACADEMY]

Most people already understand that blogging can be used to demonstrate expertise and build rapport, which together create trust.

But that's just the beginning. Did you know that search engines favour bloggers? And did you know that social media enhances the impact of sites with blogs. This means traffic. (Trust + Traffic = Sales.)
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Stop using social media, be a social business instead

To be social means to be engaging, so what you need to do is actively create and maintain better connections with your customers, prospects, suppliers and employees. For example, your website states who you are and what you do, but on the hand a blog reveals your character as an organisation, what you think and believe in.

Three simple steps to being completely awesome in 2013 [VIDEO]

If you're looking to be more awesome in 2013, then take some well rounded advice from Neil Pasricha, owner of the 1000 Awesome Things blog. There really are three simple steps to living a life that is awesome.

Customer lurrrvve – are you getting enough?

Few things warm business owners' hearts more than positive customer feedback. If we’re truthful, it’s why we got into business in the first place.

How a small fry can dominate Google

At some point, many small businesses feel stuck – stuck behind a larger competitor with resources that far outstrips their own. All is not lost though because, according to Fiona Mackenzie, these businesses are prime candidates to turn to the Internet which offers a level playing field and where a small one-man band can be bigger than Goliath. Start with thinking small, she tells Anthill.

Why I don’t trust brands… even when they appear authentic.

We recently got slammed. Last week, I was cc’d on seven emails in the space of a minute. They were all from Wordpress, each one a comment from the mag nation blog waiting for approval. On further examination, the author of all seven comments was the same person, and they had posted the exact same comment on seven different blog posts.

Flame Wars 101: A Guide to Profiting from your Disagreeable Nature

Are you a misanthrope? Do you enjoy causing arguments for the sake of it? Do you insist on playing devil's advocate in every single situation, no matter how inappropriate? Then you might just have a career ahead of you as a blogger.

Yaro Starak, 2009 Anthill 30under30 winner

With no employees or office space, Yaro Starak makes half a million dollars a year sitting in a café typing on his laptop. He represents a new breed of digital entrepreneurs, one of just a handful of people who make good money from professional blogging.

OMG! R U 2 old 2 blog? Translation please?

Blogging has moved well beyond the ridicule it once received as the platform for narcissists and propeller heads. But there are still a small few who find the prospect of sharing their whims and wisdom on a regular basis with strangers a tad daunting. That's why I was pleased to discover the following post by satirist, corporate comedian and hoax speaker Graeme Bowman pinged into my Twitter feed.

Capital raising complexity and why I haven’t blogged

I’m in the middle of raising another round of capital and it occurs to me that one of the costs of professional investment, especially with VCs or Private Equity firms, is complexity. Not many people talk about this.

Unleash chaos as a social media butterfly

To succeed in social media, you need to stop worrying and learn to love chaos, writes Annie Robinson.

It’s all about you – Making the most of socialising online

I was reading 'designing for the social web' by Joshua Porter for my UXbookclub Sydney meeting a couple of months ago. It opens with a quote...

Advertising is Dead. Long Live Advertising

Brand leadership through social media Not so long ago, the relationship that brands had with their customers was a one-way street. The brand was the...

Anthill seeks part-time rabble-rousers

Are you an active or aspiring blogger, with exciting, inspiring, erudite, informative things to say, yet feel frustrated at how hard it has become...

What a first post!

Last week we launched the Anthill Editors' Blog (I assume you know this because you are now reading it). Our motivations are fairly obvious. This...

Cory Doctorow's big tent

It was an outrage. In March, celebrity US blogger Arrianna Huffington caused a squall of controversy when she cobbled together quotes criticising the Iraq war from various articles and interviews with George Clooney, gained approval from Clooney's publicist and ran the post on thehuffingtonpost.com under Clooney's name, with a few of her own words tossed in for good measure. It was perceived as an assault on the central tenets of journalistic professionalism and drew fire from many quarters (leading to her qualified apology when the great man arced up). But The Huffington Post is a blog, not a newspaper of record, and Ms Huffington had as many defenders as accusers during the affair.
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New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...