Remember, it’s not how hard you hit, it’s about being inspirational (and a complete...

Here at Stately Anthill Manor, we cast far and wide for inspirational words that will lift you from that cash-poor, idea-bereft funk and propel you once again on your entrepreneurial path. And as this clip of Johnny "The Greek Mystique" Sarhanis proves, we also have no shame.

Shoot footage, not people in new Australian-developed video game

Here's a military blow-'em-up video game with a couple of intriguing talking points. One, it's being developed completely with Australian talent. Two, it puts the player in the role of a journalist who films the carnage and edits the footage into a report -- all while struggling to stay alive.

How to misuse social media and insult hydrangea lovers everywhere

A tweet or a YouTube video can be perceived as a bully pulpit in which the poster has full control of the message because there's no one around to pose a question such as, "Huh?" As our video Exhibit A, we offer Madonna and her recent hydrangea kerfuffle.

Why own when you can share? Are we entering the era of collaborative consumption?

The concept of collaborative consumption takes a very, very old idea in economics and gives it a new shine in our era of electronic social networking. It's all about sharing, trading or renting products or services as opposed to owning them. Listen as consultant Rachel Botsman describes it.

How to blow up the cubicle culture and start gamestorming your creativity

Dave Gray, co-author of "Gamestorming," the 2010 book about collaboration for innovators, says the cubicle layout of your average business office is great for efficiency, but the worst possible design for creativity. In this video, Gray lays out the basics of gamestorming. It's worth a look for anyone hoping to spawn the Next Big Thing.

Looking back on a 2005 speech by Steve Jobs: Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

When Steve Jobs stepped aside in August as CEO of Apple, one pundit said the computing pioneer had the greatest second act in business history. But we wonder if Jobs sees it that way. But based on what we hear in this 2005 commencement address for Stanford University, Jobs' life has been one continuous push.

Do you have the stomach for the Entrepreneur Rollercoaster?

Strap in, fellow entrepreneurs. It's time to experience that harrowing, energizing thrill of trying to turn an idea into a business. Hope you didn't enjoy a heavy lunch. Surely there's a parallel between the entrepreneurial experience and going upside-down and inside-out? Sound familiar to anyone? Urp.

It’s hip-hop hamsters vs. Halo in the latest ad for Kia Soul [VIDEO]

The hip-hop hamsters who star in Kia's boxy but oh-so-fresh Soul are back. This time, they go all Energizer Bunny on us, invading a commercial for a military science fiction computer game. It's a smart ad campaign, adding gaming to the music of the young target demographic.

Time to choose: Will we “Like” or “+1” our social media?

Still on the fence about diving into Google+, Mountain View's latest and -- thus far -- well-received weapon in its apparently unstoppable march to world domination? Still a bit (or very) unclear about the difference between G+, Facebook and Twitter? These two videos try very hard to clear things up.

The mesmerizing magic of truth, deception and iPods

A magician enjoys the world's most honorable profession, because he says he is going to deceive you, then does just that. Techno-illusionist Marco Tempest has a lot of say about lies in this riveting presentation from a TED conference. Using three iPods, Tempest weaves a narrative about deception, art and emotion.

Need to heat up your creative fire? Here are 29 ways to do it

Adventurous spirits that you are (or else you wouldn't be here), you're keenly aware that consistently accessible and unfettered creativity is crucial to building and sustaining a business venture. Browse these 29 ways to jump-start creativity. At least one is bound to work for you.

Does this video parody mean Google+ has hit the big time?

Will Google+ make us delete our Facebook accounts and drop our Twitter feed? Despite its apparent success in attracting tens of millions of users in less than a month, the jury is very much still out. But G+ can solidly claim this +1 on the zeitgeist scale -- it's inspired a parody.

Flashback: One of Boston’s top cops talks about experimenting with this new thing called...

Are we sharing this video because it raises questions about law enforcement using social media for Big Brother-esque purposes? Maybe. Are we saying it's refreshing to see government entities try toys like Twitter, especially when they use them for more productive purposes than mind-numbing self-promotion, bowel movements and culinary updates? OK, we'll cop to that. Do we smirk every time Boston Police Deputy Superintendent John Daly refers to "Twiddah"? For sure!

The best two-minute video about marketing you’ll ever see

We hear it all the time from marketing firms and public relations mavens -- words have power. Nowadays, we hear that phrase and think "SEO." But back in the day, it referred to indelible slogans such as "the ultimate driving machine," "just do it" and "Guinness is good for you." The video is a plug for Purplefeather. Yet, could it be the best two-minute video about marketing you’ll ever see?

Those music video mad geniuses in OK Go get interactive in latest song

We've seen the imaginative guys from OK Go on treadmills. We've seen the band channel Rube Goldberg and share the camera with awesome dogs. For their latest trick, these musical masters of the viral video tried their most daring stunt yet -- making a vid dressed in skintight, pond-green unitards.

Brain-melting 3-D event ignites Australian tour for computer gaming company Alienware

On 7 July, a select crowd of gamers and electronics/computing media types gathered at an undisclosed location in South Melbourne. After some schmoozing and libations, they were guided to a projection room and told to stand near a back wall. Then the lights went down. Then the thing you see in the video below happened.

Promotion for food-reviewing application Nosh sets new standard for app ads

There's this new phone app called Nosh that allows users to upload and share images and reviews of restaurant food. The next killer app? Not likely. But the smart, low-budget video that promotes Nosh is the best app ad we've seen in the long time.

Who needs university? Lawyers? Sure. Entrepreneurs? What do you think?

Do people who aspire to run their own business need a university degree? Not necessarily, says Jack Delosa. The Entourage, surveyed business owners about the effectiveness of university in preparing them for the business world. On a scale of 10, higher ed rated a 3. Ouch.

To all English grammar vigilantes, Stephen Fry says “sod them to Hades”

Do you slap your forehead every time you see a business sign that sticks an apostrophe before an 's' where the word is simply plural? If so, Stephen Fry would like to have a word. The actor/columnist gives us an entertaining yet measured argument for the beauty of English in all of its happily bastardised forms.

Internet TV site shines a spotlight on Melbourne startups

Owen Kelly is a director and internet entrepreneur. You may remember the name. In March of this year, Anthill became Kelly's casting couch for his internet-documentary on Melbourne-area startups. His first interview for the series is an extended and enlightening chat with Rebecca Scott, founding CEO of STREAT, a social enterprise aimed at helping homeless youth.
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