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Commercial creativity from around the globe.

Remarkable mashup video pits pro athletes against average man in 40 yard dash

How would the average man fair in a 40-yard foot race against professional NFL players? This remarkable multi-layered video reveals the startling reality.

Alice In Wonderland on the iPad looks… enchanting

The iPad's lack of eye-friendly e-ink (found in specialised e-readers such as the Kindle or Sony Reader) has prompted many adult observers to conclude that it is not a serious reading device. But try telling your kids that it's unsuitable for reading once they've seen this clip of Alice In Wonderland on the iPad.

Impressive Aquascript ambient advertising wows Parisian pedestrians

NGO Solidarités International and creative agency BDDP Unlimited marked the occasion of World Water Day with this innovative ambient display in the heart of Paris. These Aquascript water messages, designed to build awareness of the dangers of unclean drinking water globally, turned heads for a full week in the City of Light.

Power business networking, Japanese style

If you've ever attended a networking event and been introduced to someone who spends the next few minutes looking over your shoulder at who else he/she could be talking to, know that it could be worse. You could have Professor Himonya's undivided attention.

1980s video game characters destroy New York with SFX [VIDEO]

Patrick Jean from the French SFX studio OneMoreProd created this video of Manhattan being destroyed by the world's favourite 1980s 8-Bit video game sprites. Awesome effects. But do you recognise them all?

The most intelligent uses of Twitter accounts from around the world, in one place

Clever Accounts (@CleverAccounts) tweets about interesting and intelligent uses of Twitter from around the web. The feed is taken from Clever Accounts' Posterous blog, which carries the apt tagline: Twitterers that make you say, "Now I get it!"

Amazing business card ninja [VIDEO]

This guy should star in Kill Bill 3. But he would be more effective working for Joel. We're guessing the out-takes run considerably longer than this clip.

Manager arrested for NOT tweeting

The advantages that some companies have gained from an intelligently deployed social media strategy has placed other businesses under increased pressure to get tweeting. However, while Twitter has become a permanent weapon in many marketers' arsenals, few users face the threat of arrest for not tweeting.

Research: Smart phones and dumb employees are a toxic mix

Smart phones have brought both the world and the office to the palm and pocket, enabling increased productivity for the workforce on the move. However, this new-found freedom has exposed a mountain of previously secure company information to the threat of theft and destruction at the hands of cyber criminals.

A serene pod office for your back yard

It might look like something out of Lord of the Rings, but the UK-designed Archipod contains all the modern comforts of a compact office, transplanted into the sanctuary of your back yard.

The iPad? Meh. The future of tech is touching yourself.

What comes after the iPad touch screen interface? Will we all soon be starring in our own private Minority Report? Enter "skinput": -- bio-acoustic sensing technology that allows the human body itself to be used as an input device. According to Carnegie Mellon University researcher Chris Harrison, different body locations give off "acoustically distinct" sound waves when touched, opening up a world of possibility for touching feely techies.

Piano Improv Guy puts ChatRoulette in a spin

ChatRoulette might not be your cup of tea, but this compilation video of Piano Chat Improv Guy is impressive, hilarious and does a better job of explaining what ChatRoulette is all about than any news article could. It's been viewed almost 2.4 million times on YouTube in just over a week. And you're about to see why.

The Martin Jetpack: a personal rocket while you wait for those flying cars

They promised us flying cars, back in the day, and I don't know about you but mine hasn't been delivered yet. Never mind. For the time being I'll settle for one of these. The Martin Jetpack shows just how far jetpack technology has come since Rocketman ignited the imaginations of little (and big) boys with his demonstration at the '84 Olympics in Los Angeles.

99designs launches template logo store offering customisation and 24-hour turn around for $99

Australian-based online crowdsourcing design service 99designs today launched a new logo store. The concept is pretty simple -- you chose a template from the gallery of 4,500+ templates and 99designs' designers swap in your organisation's name and deliver you a high resolution and web ready version within 24 hours, for $99.

Silent panic button alarm app for the iPhone

So many iPhone apps are designed to enrich your life. Here's one that could one day save it. The Silent Bodyguard is a personal security app that sends an discreet SOS distress signal, with GPS coordinates, to pre-programmed rescuers via a panic button.

Nando’s taps into gossip fatigue with ‘Bingle-free zone’ promo

Chicken restaurant chain Nando's Australia is hoping to cash in on the Bingle-Clarke-breakup-saga zeitgeist with this latest promo declaring all Nando's outlets 'Bingle-free zones'.

Nando's taps into gossip fatigue with 'Bingle-free zone' promo

Chicken restaurant chain Nando's Australia is hoping to cash in on the Bingle-Clarke-breakup-saga zeitgeist with this latest promo declaring all Nando's outlets 'Bingle-free zones'.

New basin-toilet design combines water saving and aesthetic style

The award winning W+W is an L-shaped single unit toilet sink all-in-one system with a stunning minimalist design. Developed by the Roca Innovation Lab and designed by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti.

Not so 'Mini' when it comes to advertising…

For a small car, the Mini packs a big punch: particularly when it comes to its global advertising campaigns.

Not so ‘Mini’ when it comes to advertising…

For a small car, the Mini packs a big punch: particularly when it comes to its global advertising campaigns.
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