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Why do we continue to ignore feedback in our businesses even though we know...

Most companies and individuals understand the power & value of giving and receiving feedback yet we still avoid it, says communication expert Georgia Murch

Culture Amp secures $6.3 million in Series A funding from three different VCs in...

People Analytics company Culture Amp, which counts many of the big boys in new tech such as Airbnb, Uber, Pandora, Adobe, Pinterest, Warby Parker,...

Is this the best ever video about marketing? [VIDEO]

Woot! The clicks are through the roof! Everything's awesome! Order more stock! Hell, order more everything! Oh, wait... This brilliant ad from Adobe makes one very...

Does your digital marketing strategy sound like this? It does? You’re in trouble [VIDEO]

OK, so this is an ad for Adobe Marketing Systems. It's one of many marketing systems (think Salesforce or, locally, Intelligence Bank) that are...

How to stay on top

Adobe didn't get to where it is today by playing defence. And, as Brad Howarth discovers, the company knows it must keep innovating to stay on top. It's a lesson for us all.