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David Bussau: The economics of enough

David Bussau is all too familiar with the concepts of under-privilege, survival and dignity. He spent much of his childhood in a New Zealand boys' home, an experience that taught him the value of lateral thinking and risk-taking as a means of survival. But unlike many people born into a position of disadvantage, Bussau has been able to turn the tables, achieving the lofty status of self-made multi-millionaire by the age of 35 and changing the lives of countless individuals, families and communities in the process.

Why big companies are morons

Why is it that the endless opportunities available to large Australian companies - through their vast resources and global networks - are all too...

Wireless Nation

Internet junkies are shedding their umbilical cables and roaming the streets. The nation is going wireless, heralding a revolution more profound than the birth...

Strategy: Tips and traps for business developers

Securing competitive advantage Before spending a single dollar launching your new venture, you should have a clear view of how it is going to compete...

Marketing: The secrets to web success

How does your website fit into your overall marketing strategy? If you don't know, then it's time to review your online activities. When the Internet...

Legal: Getting strategic with your intellectual assets

Intellectual asset management (IAM) is the catch cry of 21st century innovators. Innovation is no longer reactive to market forces; it is a proactive...

John Brumby – No Oxymoron

Innovation and good fiscal management are unlikely bedfellows. Yet when Victoria's chief number cruncher Treasurer John Brumby adopted the Minister for Innovation mantel in...