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How colour psychology impacts your brand: is your business sleeping on its benefits?

99designs recently completed a study that reveals 65% of entrepreneurs are choosing their logo colours based purely on personal taste and preference, with around half doing little to no research on the wider implications of their brand colour choices.

With second acquisition, 99designs breaks into a BRIC market

99designs, one of the best examples of the recent breed of Australian startups that are birthed with a global vision, has already created the...

Harbottle’s 99designs sets out to shape its future

For some time now, Germany has been on 99design’s horizon. Even though it had only an English-language site, European small businesses and startups accounted for about 15% of the 155,000 graphic design contests, reflecting strong potential. Today, 99designs considers Germany its top non-English language market, its fifth largest overall and one of its fastest growing.

99designs founder Mark Harbottle sets new designs on Tweaky.com

So you wanted to add a Facebook link to your website and couldn't find somebody willing to do it at reasonable cost, and in...

Catchy ad jingles: Vegemite, Aeroplane Jelly, Louie the Fly and … 99Designs?

We contend that imaginative commercials may come and go, but catchy jingles are forever. Sure, we recognise the Energiser Bunny and the Qantas koala. They're memorable. But not can't-get-it-out-of-your-head memorable. And now, will a possible ditty for 99Designs join them?

The hunt for our next cover goes global

As part of our ongoing Magazine 2.0 Experiment, we asked readers to suggest ideas for our cover. We were so impressed by your ideas...