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These are the top 10 branding and graphic design trends for SMBs to watch...

The company reviewed thousands of design projects in progress on its platform right now and worked with its global designer community to identify the up and coming trends that will shape small business branding over the coming year.

How colour psychology impacts your brand: is your business sleeping on its benefits?

99designs recently completed a study that reveals 65% of entrepreneurs are choosing their logo colours based purely on personal taste and preference, with around half doing little to no research on the wider implications of their brand colour choices.

The good, the bad and the ugly: Here is how the new changes in...

By now everyone in the Australian start-up space should be aware that the government has made significant changes to the way in which equity or options issued to employees will be taxed.

Influx.com raises $250,000 to businesses deliver better customer experiences

You can expect an influx of good customer service in Australia soon. Influx.com has just announced a $250,000 seed investment from 99designs Founder Mark Harbottle, angel...

Need a quick fix of graphic design? 99designs’ Swiftly.com has you covered

Ever since its inception in 2008, online graphic design marketplace 99designs has been carving out its place as a leader in the global design...

Read this in Jay-Z’s voice. 99 problems but expanding into Asia ain’t one…

When 99designs, the world’s largest graphic design marketplace decided to expand in Asia, they were not joking. With the launch of a new site for...

We’re creating a new, very Anthillian event series for 2013. Help us choose the...

To kick start 2013, we're creating a new event for business builders. It's a cooking class. That's right. We're calling it our Master Business Bake Up series. At every event, a business leader will teach a business 'recipe' that that he or she will ‘cook’ on the day, in under 90 minutes. Can you help us choose a logo?

99designs launches fancy new Australian site, as DesignCrowd triples revenue

99designs, the world’s largest design marketplace, has gone and got itself a localised website. The announcement comes snapping at the heels of its whopping $35 million first-round capital investment from Accel Partners – the fellas what invested in Facebook, Dropbox and Etsy -- and the launch of local rival DesignCrowd.

Freelancer.com eyes 99design’s crowdsourcing crown… with help from Kanye West?

Outsourcing big kahuna Freelancer.com has finally signaled its intent to muscle in on 99design’s graphic design crowdsourcing turf, stumping up US$20,000 in cash-money for creative types. Has Australia become the new global crowdsourcing hub?

Catchy ad jingles: Vegemite, Aeroplane Jelly, Louie the Fly and … 99Designs?

We contend that imaginative commercials may come and go, but catchy jingles are forever. Sure, we recognise the Energiser Bunny and the Qantas koala. They're memorable. But not can't-get-it-out-of-your-head memorable. And now, will a possible ditty for 99Designs join them?

Australian upstart 99designs raises $35 million from Facebook’s VC outfit [ANTHILL EXCLUSIVE]

Today, 99designs, the world's largest online marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design services, announced a $35 million first-round investment led by Accel Partners. In this exclusive podcast for Anthill, 99designs co-founder Mark Harbottle speaks with James Tuckerman about the deal and what it means for the 26-person company based in Collingwood, Victoria.

Australian crowdsourcing outfit 99Designs picks up Webby and celebrates with song

99Designs' achievements have scored it the Best Web Service & Application gong in the Webby People’s Voice Awards, beating international crowdsourcing heavy-weights Dropbox and Tumblr. When entering, 99Design founder Mark Harbottle promised his Twitter followers that should his company win an award he would thank fans of the company in song. The following clip is the fulfilment of that promise.

Website of the Week: What would you do for a Fiverr?

After learning of Fiverr's existence, I figured it was going to be jokey. And, indeed, there are some humorous "gigs" (see examples). However, Fiverr is a serious commercial site -- it's brimming with legitimate postings by service providers who are deadly serious about completing the jobs they offer (the site facilitates the transaction). It's quite remarkable how much work some people will do for US$5.

99designs launches template logo store offering customisation and 24-hour turn around for $99

Australian-based online crowdsourcing design service 99designs today launched a new logo store. The concept is pretty simple -- you chose a template from the gallery of 4,500+ templates and 99designs' designers swap in your organisation's name and deliver you a high resolution and web ready version within 24 hours, for $99.

The hunt for our next cover goes global

As part of our ongoing Magazine 2.0 Experiment, we asked readers to suggest ideas for our cover. We were so impressed by your ideas...




New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...