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SproutX launches to unearth Australia’s agtech innovation boom with a $10 million venture fund and $1 million Victorian Government backing

Sam Trethewey

SproutX, a joint initiative between Findex and the National Farmers’ Federation, has announced a number of programs designed to boost Australia’s $60 billion agriculture industry and herald the country’s next innovation boom through agtech.

These initiatives include Australia’s first agtech pre-accelerator to unearth and seed start-up ideas in agriculture, and a $10 million accelerator fund that will invest in and back the best ideas in agtech, supported by Artesian Venture Partners. SproutX has also been backed by $1 million in initial funding from the Victorian Government and further backing from an array of industry giants including Findex and Ruralco.

Agribusiness is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Australia, expected to grow more than 10 per cent faster than global gross domestic product, and the agtech sector will see a commensurate boom. The SproutX national program brings together government, industry and academia to equip agtech startups with the skills, connections and funding they need to commercialise their ideas and establish Australia as a global leader in agtech.

“Australia’s biggest natural advantage lies in agriculture, not fintech, and we need to invest to ensure that we lead the way in developing and commercialising innovations in agtech,” said Sam Trethewey, General Manager of SproutX. “The innovation boom has had a strong focus on fintech, but movements like that are not where Australia’s natural competitive advantage lies.

”We’re still in our infancy, but it’s important to get behind the agtech industry now and stimulate its growth. We need to connect innovators, investors and the agri-community to help bring ideas to fruition, and this pre-accelerator lays the groundwork for that.”

SproutX comprises of two key initiatives: a pre-accelerator and a full accelerator.

SproutX agtech pre-accelerator

The pre-accelerator, which will help to collate startup ideas that can go on to commercialisation, will accept one hundred applicants from across the country, to nurture and commercialise the best new ideas in food, fibre and agribusiness. Successful applicants will be equipped with basic business skills and lean startup principles, as well as access to mentors and a strong support network. At the end of the eight-week program, the graduates will receive a cash grant and in-kind services to help them pursue their venture. Those that show promise will also be invited to join the full accelerator in 2017.

SproutX agtech accelerator and venture capital fund

The pre-accelerator comes ahead of a full agtech accelerator to be launched in 2017, backed by a $10 million venture capital fund that will invest in startups across a range of agtech areas of interest including Internet of Things, remote sensors, farm management, robotics, biological control, biomaterials and agricultural marketplaces.

The fund is currently accepting investors and will be eligible to become recognised as an Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership (ESVCLP) by the federal government.

Funding from the Victorian Government

SproutX has also received backing from the Victorian Government to help open the Victorian chapter of the pre-accelerator. Minister of Agriculture and Regional Development, the Hon Jaala Pulford MP, announced $1 million in funding to support and grow Australian agtech at the launch of the pre-accelerator at Marcus Oldham College in Geelong today.

Agriculture and related activities comprise around 12 per cent of Australia’s GDP, more than double the US, and is expected to generate $1.2 trillion over the next 15 years. However, much of the impact in agtech at the moment is being driven by advancements in Israel and the US, where there has been greater focus on investment and commercialisation.

Victorian Minister for Agriculture, the Hon Jaala Pulford said the decision to partner with SproutX and launch its Victorian chapter simply makes sense.

“Victoria is well and truly at the heart and soul of agriculture in Australia and we punch well above our weight due to the ingenuity and adaptability of our primary producers. Our state accounts for more than 27 per cent of the nation’s total food and fibre exports and we employ more than 190,000 people across the supply chain.

“The Andrews Labor Government is passionate to support young agricultural entrepreneurs turn an idea – into a reality. Agriculture has a proud history in Victoria and is set for a bright future.”

Applications for the national pre-accelerator program are open. Those with an entrepreneurial streak, and particularly those with backgrounds in science and engineering, are encouraged to sign up regardless of whether you have a start-up idea or not.

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