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Smart 100 nominations are now open!


Last year, we invited our readers to nominate their own innovations and those of other worthy innovators. We assembled a panel of over 1,600 maven judges from all walks of life. We asked them to rank these innovations according to a complex set of criteria. And, based on the outcomes, we created Australia’s first ever Smart 100!

It’s ba-aaack!

Calling all innovators. This is your chance to nominate an Australian made product or service and showcase an innovation that Australian business builders simply need to hear about. Promote the spoils of your own toils or put one of your clients under the spotlight. This is your chance to refine your message and get exposure.


7 Reasons to Nominate

There are many reasons to nominate your own innovation or that of another for the Smart 100. Here are just a few.

1. Entrepreneurs…

Demonstrate you ‘have the skills to pay the bills’. Impress your stakeholders, win the attention of prospective investors and perhaps even initiate a customer base. NOMINATE

2. Commercialisation Advisers…

You understand the value of positive exposure. It’s much easier to facilitate the next transaction when a new product or business concept has received third party endorsement. This is your chance to help your clients shine! NOMINATE

3. University, CRC and other Public Sector Innovators…

Get that piece of IP out of the filing cabinet and in front of technology transfer facilitators, prospective investors and potential JV partners. Dormant IP is barely worth the paper it’s written on. NOMINATE

4. Back Yard Inventors…

Get the recognition you deserve. Showcase your talents, raise awareness of your achievements and command attention. This might be the big break you need to make all your hard work pay off. NOMINATE

5. Industrial Designers…

Nominate your clients. By putting them in the running, demonstrate your value as a commercially creative service provider. Give your customers a reason to love you forever. NOMINATE

6. Intellectual Property Professionals…

Once you’ve helped a secure a client’s IP rights, what next? Why not take your service one step further and demonstrate your knowledge capital beyond the ‘norm’. How are you helping your client’s achieve commercial success? NOMINATE

7. Corporate Innovation Units…

You’ve been working on that new product line for so long, it’s now time to ‘release the beast!’ Demonstrate your organisation’s innovation credibility and launch your ‘next big thing’ in the process. NOMINATE


What are the benefits of nomination?

Positive exposure, fame, possible fortune…

These are some of the many reasons that organisations enter award programs. They are each valid in their own ways and, sure, third party endorsement can do miraculous things to a nascent or evolving innovation. But the true value that comes from participation in an awards program such as this is the opportunity to refine your message.

Refine your message to educate and impress stakeholders…

One of the greatest challenges faced by new innovators is the arduous task of explaining new concepts to prospective customers, investors, potential JV partners and anyone who’ll listen. This is because imagination is governed by experience and most people will not possess the same set of of experiences or knowledge as the innovator.

Anthill’s application form provides a structure to help innovators…

  • Refine the message
  • Articulate the unique properties of the innovation
  • Identify competitive benefits
  • Present the information in a way that third parties will understand
  • And much more!

Don’t wait any longer. Nomination should hardly take a minute or two.

It’s now time to nominate…