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Search on for Victoria’s best e-learning tools


The search is on for the best e-learning projects in Victoria, as the eLearning Industry Association of Victoria launches its third annual eLearning Excellence Awards.

The awards were created in 2008 to recognise the Victoria’s most innovative online educational and training tools and systems.

Founding President of the Association, Marc Niemes, says despite being just three years old, the calibre and diversity of entries each year is reflective of the increasing interest in e-learning.

He believes it’s no surprise classrooms and boardrooms are turning to e-learning as a preferred way of learning.

“E-learning gives people the opportunity to learn in their own environment. It’s cost effective and for corporates increasingly under pressure, it means less time away from the office. By not flying staff inter-state to undertake educational programmes, businesses also have the added benefit of reducing their carbon footprint.”

Niemes says eLearning in the classroom helps prepare students for the real world, “giving them invaluable learning resources otherwise unavailable and setting them on a course of life-long learning”.

The eLearning Excellence Awards cover seven categories:

  1. e-learning tools for school aged children;
  2. corporates,
  3. educational and training sector;
  4. universities;
  5. individual learning;
  6. export; and,
  7. innovation in the design and development of e-learning systems.

Entries close on August 6. Finalists will showcase and demonstrate their leading innovations at the State Library of Victoria in September, with the winners announced at a gala dinner in November. Last year’s winner’s included Budda-Jitja Work for Life, the first online pre-employment program developed for indigenous people, which can be delivered via a laptop network requiring no internet connection; and a virtual hospital to help students at Box Hill Institute with interactive scenarios set in simulated hospital environments.

eLearning Industry Association of Victoria

The eLearning Industry Association of Victoria was created to see Victoria recognised world-wide as a centre of excellence for e-learning. It was formed in 2006 and represents developers, producers, distributors, suppliers, consultants, advisors and the end user.

The association conducts research, hosts a website, organises events, collates and distributes all relevant industry information, represents the industry at relevant forums and is owner of the premier industry awards – the eLearning Excellence Awards.

For more information see: www.elearning.org.au.

Image by Rob Shenk

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