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Search in review: 2010 as seen through Google’s unblinking eye


Haiti’s earthquake. A synthetic genome. J.D. Salinger. Double Rainbow Guy. Trapped Chilean miners. Justin Freakin’ Bieber!

With zest and a flair for the dramatic that would make even the most hardened movie-trailer editor cry in her popcorn, Google has assembled a video that recalls 2010 as seen through the Mountain View monolith’s all-seeing eye.

There’s the World Cup (and a quick toot of vuvuzelas), the global economic hangover, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and Costa Rica’s first Chilean president. There’s “Auto-Tune the News”, the Shanghai Expo and the passing of Lynn Redgrave, Lech Kaczynski and Dennis Hopper.

The video is a promotion for Google’s Zeitgeist 2010 page. Based on an aggregation of billions of search queries, the presents lists such as Fastest Rising, Fastest Falling, Fastest Rising in Food and Drink (No. 3: cupcakes) and Fastest Rising in Sports (No. 9: cricket live score. Woo!).

Zeitgeist 2010: Year in Review

Australia’s Zeitgeist list?

The page doesn’t stop at the global results; you can tunnel down and see search lists for regions and nations.

So what does Australia’s lists look like? Let’s see: Justin Bieber is sandwiched between Andy Irons and Julia Gillard. Chatroulette and Formspring are the fastest risers. Minestrone soup and macaroons are the most-searched food.

What’s missing on these Oz lists? What’s on these lists that make you want to chunder?