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Win an awesome Seagate NAS server [COMPETITION]


How would your business cope if your IT system crashed and you lost all your data? If you could get access to all your business documents from your iphone/iPad, would that  save you time and money?

Technology might keep changing but your business needs don’t.

Centralise your storage and backups with a complete network storage solution and private cloud for small businesses. The Seagate® Business Storage 4-bay NAS is a complete network storage solution designed to keep businesses with up to 50 employees productive by creating a secure private cloud. [DOWNLOAD THE 4-BAY NAS SERVER SPECIFICATIONS]


Plus, winners will also score a Seagate Backup Plus Portable_1TB, valued at RRP $129.

With the included backup software for Windows®, Time Machine® compatibility and RAID protection, it’s simple to keep your critical business files protected. The Business Storage 4-bay NAS creates a shared space for your colleagues and clients to collaborate by storing files centrally. With the Global Access™ service, you can stay connected to your business from anywhere in the world with free apps for iPhone®, iPad® and Android® devices

The Business Storage 4-bay NAS features a Web interface where clients and coworkers can securely download and upload large files. Unlike typical cloud storage services, you retain complete ownership and control of your data.

Plus, it is so easy to set up and use that there’s no need to hire an IT professional.

The Business Storage 4-bay NAS comes with everything your business needs to ensure complete protection for all the files stored on PC and Mac® computers in your business. The included backup software for Windows® PCs will take the hassle out of backing up multiple computers by automating the process.

The software helps you protect data by backing up not only the files you store, but also the programs, settings, email and even the operating system on your local PCs. With this level of protection, you can restore the entire hard drive on a PC that has suffered a hardware failure. By supporting Time Machine® software, the Business Storage 4-bay NAS offers the same level of data protection for all the Mac computers in your business.

Read the competition Terms & Conditions.

Seagate Server Specifications

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