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Say hello to SMEtv, a video channel dedicated to small Australian businesses [VIDEO]


A new dedicated online business channel, SMEtv, has launched with the simple aim of supporting Australian SMEs to grow and prosper.

The first and leading resource of its kind, SMEtv delivers the most empowering, useful, straightforward and no nonsense educational video content for SMEs. The platform is available across all devices and membership is free.

SMEs are the driving force in the Australian economy, accounting for just under half of all private sector industry employment and one third of private sector industry value. With the challenges and demands of running a successful business in today’s dynamic environment, SME owners need support, guidance and education to help them succeed.

What exactly does SMEtv have to offer?

Backed by one of Australia’s leading B2B publishers, The Intermedia Group, SMEtv offers an entire perspective on business – from marketing, finance, human resources, digital, to business management, success stories, business travel and so much more.

A dedicated video channel, the platform leverages the power of video to offer easily digestible content for time poor SME owners. Video is fast becoming the channel of choice, with video traffic to hit 80 per cent of all internet traffic by 2019.

SMEtv provides an opportunity to learn from successful SME owners, industry and business experts and get insight into products and services that can make a genuine difference to SMEs.

Examples of contributors include online platform KIDsize living who share how they used social media marketing to secure six licensing agreements to significantly expand their business, or restaurateur Paul Nguyen who explains how he created a food festival style event across his five restaurants, earning him $45,000 in one night.

SMEtv is also supported by sponsors such as Prospa, who provide SME business loans and are changing the way SMEs experience finance.

With a host of practical videos available now and new segments added every week – 400 segments will be produced in 2016 alone – SMEtv is a truly comprehensive resource.

What is the story behind SMEtv?

SMEtv was founded by video content specialist Nigel Abbott, and investment banker Steve McLean who saw a gap in the market for SMEs struggling with the pressures of running a business.

Steve said, “SMEs are the fastest growing business segment in Australia, contributing significantly to the economy, employment and innovation. It is about time that they got access to great advice without having to pay for it.”

Nigel added, “We discovered that SMEs have been missing out on accessible, useful and targeted educational content to help their businesses succeed.”

“When developing SMEtv we spoke with over 2,000 business owners to find out what SMEs need most – from guidance on cash flow, to marketing, digital and more. We then set out to create targeted content which is highly relevant and useful for members.”

Who are the people behind SMEtv?

Nigel Abbott is a video content and digital marketing specialist. He has carved out a diverse and exciting career, spanning five countries and several industries including marketing, finance and professional sports.

Nigel founded Rippling Media, a video content and distribution agency, which has worked with clients such as Kia, Shimano, National Maritime Museum and MGSM. Past roles have included driving marketing campaigns for the snow sports industry in Australia.

He was also a key player in the development of the Niseko Resort in Japan, now regarded as a global top 10 ski resort.

Nigel Abbott
Nigel Abbott

Steve McLean is the Principal of 145 Fleet, an independent corporate advisory firm specialising in capital markets advice. He is also a board member of Litigation Capital Management, one of the first litigation funders to be established in Australia.

Steve spent 12 years at J.P.Morgan across Australia and Europe, his most recent role as Head of Origination, where he led transactions that raised in excess of A$50 billion.

Steve McLean
Steve McLean

SMEtv is giving away several business video packages for new members each month from March until June 2016. The video package includes a video interview on your business to be featured on SMEtv and a video segment on your business including full production and collaboration with concept development and scripting. Simply sign up to SMEtv, it’s free and you’ll go into the running to win!

Check out SMEtv below