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Samsung tries to beat iPhone snobbery at its own game


Things we wonder out loud at Stately Anthill Manor: Can Apple still deploy the Steve Jobs distortion field without Steve Jobs?

Just sayin’.

Depending on which side of the Apple vs. PC / iPhone vs. Android rivalry you’re on, this video will either delight or dismay.

The folks at Samsung decided to promote their latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S II, by happily skewering Apple fandom. It appears the unspoken pitch is: “You don’t have to be tech snob or stand in line for nine hours to get an awesome smartphone.” It’s kind of takes those Mac vs. PC ads with Justin Long and flips them on their heads.

Taking a “we don’t inspire fierce devotion but buy us anyway” stance can be tricky. Perhaps there’s a reason new Droids are so much easier to acquire. Or maybe it’s all about that distortion field …

Anyway, our favorite moment in the video boasts these classic lines: “I could never get a Samsung. I’m creative.” “Dude, you’re a barista.”

The next big thing (Samsung ad)

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