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Salty Banksy goodness: skills, method and medium [VIDEO]


Normally when we say something is a little salty at Anthill, we’re referring to the use of certain, shall we say, creative words. Words that may make your mum blush; or they may not. It depends on your mum.

But in this video, salt takes on a whole new meaning. It becomes the most astonishing artistic medium.

Born in Afganistan, now living in Canada, Bashir Sultani creates works of art, in salt, before your eyes. His latest piece is reproducing the work of the famed street artist, Banksy.

Then, in a single swipe of his hand, it’s gone, back into being a condiment for your fish and chips.

Artists, like entrepreneurs, see things that other don’t.
Where Sultani see the potential, other just see salt.

As an entrepreneur you also need to find your skills, method and your medium.
You need to find your potential.

Banksy in salt