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Reverse your thinking; you may be surprised at what you discover [VIDEO]


Sometimes, it’s easy to only see the bad stuff, and gloss over the good stuff. But, sometimes, it’s just taking a different view of the bad stuff, that opens up a new way of thinking.

While I’m not one for overt positive thinking, there is something to be said for reversing your thoughts to get you back on the right path.

In 2006, Lopez Murphy was in the Argentinian Presidential race. His campaign produced an ad that won a Silver Lion at Cannes that year. Murphy did not win the election, but he earned himself the nickname ‘Bulldog’ for his dogged pursuit of economic reforms.

So, it seems fit that a corporate accounting firm is taking on some like minded thinking in its latest TVC. Nexia, wants to separate itself from the other firms. It took the negative perception and sentiment about accounting and turned it into a reverse-thinking ad.

Here’s some more reverse thinking for you. Don’t hear yourself say “If only I …”
Reverse the thinking. Say “Only if I …”
Reverse thinking can change your day.

Video 1: Nexia ad

Nexia from Step Change Marketing on Vimeo.

Video 2: Lopez Murphy for President, Campaign ad 2006

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