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A rebrand that makes you wake up and smell the coffee, literally [VIDEO]


Nescafé is an iconic coffee brand. But recently, the company decided to refresh its image.

We live in a coffee fuelled society and the brand wanted to really connect with its customers.

So, what did it do? Well, something quite nifty.

It turned the lids of its coffee jars into an alarm clock. Not an alarm that makes a hideous shrieking sound but rather, one that is scientifically proven to rouse someone from their slumber in a less abrasive way.

The trick is, however, is that the only way to turn off the alarm is to open the lid of the coffee jar.

So after this gentle awakening, all you can smell is coffee. And, you have Nescafé to thank for that.

It’s a very inventive way to reconnect a product directly with customers.

Nescafé alarm clock


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