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Queensland backs Wellington hologram startup Point Zero with up to 100k funding


Brisbane is set to get a taste of Kiwi hologram innovation as, Wellington based, Point Zero, opens its doors in Queensland.

Point Zero has secured up to AU$100,000 of funding from Advance Queensland, as part of the Hot DesQ programme and opens its Brisbane branch, based in the Firestation 101 – Ipswich Innovation Hub, this week.

Point Zero specialises in the development of interactive holographic display technology, providing engaging and immersive solutions for advertising, education, health, and beyond.

Its product, HoloSpace, is a world first, combining the power of 3D visualisation with interactive technology. It immerses viewers into a world of Virtual Reality without requiring them to put on goggles and is used for more than Hollywood ‘wow factor’.

What has Point Zero been up to lately?

In August this year, the company was engaged by New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries to trial a prototype hologram at Auckland International Airport, which showed the dangers of biosecurity risk items crossing the border.

Point Zero founder and Chief Executive Chris Mather says: “We are on the verge of huge holographic innovation. Setting up in Brisbane provides an exciting opportunity to focus on pushing the boundaries on what is possible with holographic technology in Australia.

“We will have a team of up to 3 in Brisbane, a holographic showroom to showcase our products, and Holospace units will now be available across Australia.”

The Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA) Interim Chief Executive, Derek Fry, says: “It’s satisfying to see Point Zero spread its wings internationally. Wellington has an internationally recognised mixed reality sector. It is fuelled by the Weta Group of companies which not only attracts world class talent, but provides valuable mentoring for startups in the city.

“We are happy that Point Zero is being shared with Australia — but just remember that they are as Kiwi as Phar Lap, Crowded House and pavlova.”

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