Protecting your small business’ IT investments

Protecting your small business’ IT investments


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What’s the most overlooked source of clients and customers?

It's strategic alliances, of course. Learn how to leverage the networks of others during this free, live webinar. Get practical exercises to unpack your partner offer. (This is what you will offer to potential JVs with that will attract new partnerships.) Discover who you can partner with (even if it's just you in your home office or with a small team). Find out where to find your potential partners and how to contact them. Click here to register.

  • Simon Yarwood

    The key is to understand what you would like and what your business needs to operate. Having just gone through this process in our small business, it puts everything into perspective (and the dollars you think you should spend). Use what you have already spent to the full potential. A lot of CRM’s on the market have document management, direct mail, storage, etc that if you utilise can save you a bundle. Also looking at office 365 which I have to say looks pretty good