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Pizza … mmm … Pizza: the beauty of efficient delivery in motion [VIDEO]


I’m still not completely sure why pizza can be the most awesome thing to eat, but sometimes, it just is.

Usually when the pizza arrives, the last thing you think about before you tuck in, is how it got to be there.

There are supply chains to get the ingredients to the store. Then, there’s the Philip J. Fry equivalents – those who deliver pizza to people at home.

In this video for a PBS documentary, the supply chain and delivery routes for Domino’s in Manhattan. There is a beauty this efficient, yet seeming chaotic movement to bring people pizza.

It’s worthwhile to sit back and consider how things get to you. How your products get to your customers. The process of observing the movement of things sure helped Mick Mountz create Kiva Systems.

The mapping of pizza delivery

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