Pete Williams’ EXTREME ‘content leverage system’ video

Pete Williams’ EXTREME ‘content leverage system’ video


If you attended yesterday’s webinar with Pete Williams on outsourcing, offshoring and crowdsourcing, you might recall that I asked Pete whether we could share a video of his that I was fortunate enough to stumble across in the not-so-distant past.

As mentioned, this video really got my head spinning. It begins with one logical and familiar example of outsourcing (creating content for a website) and then takes the process to the… wait for it… EXTREME!

(Because Pete’s an outsourcing ‘extremist’, see?)

It references a Market Samurai product called Article Samurai. While I’m personally not familiar with the tool, I do appreciate the importance of content creation — if you have a desire to build an online community, improve your website’s visibility in search engines or simply want to position yourself as an authority.

Content Leverage System

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  • Paul Hussey

    Peter mention at the end that you get get this presentation in PDF format.  How do you do this?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Peter. We’re preparing an email with all the cool stuff we talked about. Watch your inbox. JT

  • Muzz

    So many ideas and tools, so little time. 

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t that the problem we’re trying to solve? 🙂

  • Trevor Rose

    i like this system, but i think there is a step missing (optional step), which is to (between steps 3 & 4) get more professional content producers to perhaps help you rework your content before going ahead with publishing… this system as it stands will be fine in some cases, but could be very dry… because while you are the expert on your content, to be honest, you might not have made the most entertaining presentation… so using professional media experts in that space between 3 & 4 would be highly advisable in some cases (depending on your budget).

  • Natasha Hawker

    As someone who was a novice with all of this content, it was very clear and detailed plus I learnt an incredible amount.  Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge. Next step is to try and apply it…….

  • Felix Peters

    Hi,  no PDF or audio “under” the clip?  It was great in any event but a PDF would have been good.  Cheers and thanks.