Pete Williams’ EXTREME ‘content leverage system’ video

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Pete Williams' EXTREME 'content leverage system' video

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If you attended yesterday’s webinar with Pete Williams on outsourcing, offshoring and crowdsourcing, you might recall that I asked Pete whether we could share a video of his that I was fortunate enough to stumble across in the not-so-distant past.

As mentioned, this video really got my head spinning. It begins with one logical and familiar example of outsourcing (creating content for a website) and then takes the process to the… wait for it… EXTREME!

(Because Pete’s an outsourcing ‘extremist’, see?)

It references a Market Samurai product called Article Samurai. While I’m personally not familiar with the tool, I do appreciate the importance of content creation — if you have a desire to build an online community, improve your website’s visibility in search engines or simply want to position yourself as an authority.

Content Leverage System

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