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Personal branding 101: A lesson from the best regional ad from the Super Bowl


I’m sure you’ve seen some great regional ads when you’ve been out and about.

But, this one, it’s something special.

It’s certainly not amateur. In fact, it’s more like a promo from CSI or Law and Order.

Jamie Casino is a U.S. lawyer based in Georgia. He made a lot of money from being a criminal defence lawyer. Then he had a crisis of conscience – how could he do what he was doing?

He’s now a personal injury lawyer and sees himself on a moral crusade to speak for those who cannot speak themselves.

The ad places Casino as a hero and shows his dramatic transformation from cashed up lawyer for the criminal set to his new business and, new image.

Casino paid to air this ad across Georgia during the Super Bowl yesterday. And, by doing so, he has become an internet sensation and his personal branding, as a good guy working for the battlers, has been cemented.

In less than a day, it’s been viewed more than 1.2 million times on YouTube alone. Well played Jamie Casino, well played.

Jamie Casino 2 Minute Super Bowl Commercial – Casino’s Law


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