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Past winners talk about winning Enterprize (How would you spend $100,000?)


It’s been an enjoyable ride watching the evolution of the University of Queensland Business School’s Enterprize competition. The winners are always an inspiring lot. But so have been the various promotional videos that the University has created in recent years to promote the awards.

This one employs some pretty high production standards (courtesy of the competition’s 2003 winners, Fusion Sport) to present an endearingly candid interview (stutters and all).

Enterprize Competition (2010) – Fusion Sports

It has also been pleasing to watch the program expand beyond the borders of UQ and, then, Queensland. The competition is now open to all Australian entrepreneurs who have a business idea that is ready (or almost ready) to be launched.

According to the website, the competition:

  • Provides seed capital to promising start-up companies
  • Gives participants the experience of drafting a professional business plan for review by potential investors
  • Fosters networking with venture capitalists and angels
  • Supports new venture ideas

More information can be found at the Enterprize website.