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I, for one, will welcome our new robot overlords… [VIDEO]


In reality, there are few things that I fear. I know grown men who shriek at the mere presence of a spider. Others who have an irrational fear of snakes (I hate a pet one once) and sharks (I love diving with them).

But, there is one thing that I do fear – swarms. I don’t really care what kind of creatures are in the swarm, it’s the swarm itself that really freaks me out. Oh, that and stairs without risers.

So, imagine my delight when I discovered that the boffins from Harvard have created swarm with robots. One thousand, self-assembling robots.

It’s the stuff of my nightmares. Swarms of robots that are bringing us all ever closer to the world of Skynet and the Terminator. All I need now is for this swarm of robots to be filmed climbing stairs without risers and I’ll need sedation.

A swarm of a thousand robots


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