Olympic ambush advertising wins: Nike, Durex and Specsavers [VIDEO]

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Olympic ambush advertising wins: Nike, Durex and Specsavers [VIDEO]

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There’s nothing like having a brilliant creative team at your fingertips. So far, three great ambush advertising campaigns have emerged from the 2012 London Olympics.

Ad 1: Find your greatness: Nike Olympic guerrilla ad

Nike’s TVC to hijack Adidas being the official Olympic sponsor is a clear winner. It is no quick-fire response to an incident, like the Specsavers success story. It is everything you’d expect from Nike – professional, exquisitely scripted and, most of all, inspirational.

Ad 2: Specsavers instant response ad

In what has been captioned as the ‘Olympic Flag gaffe’ by the British press, the North Korean women’s football team walked off the pitch before their game started because the South Korean flag was being flown in their honor. Oops.

Specsavers, whose Marketing decision maker must be admired for their quick response and sense of humour, embraced this opportunity to use a new, fast-response creative for the company’s “Should have gone to Specsavers” campaign.

Ad 3: Durex Usain Bolt ad

I don’t think this really needs any commentary, other than to say Durex are the official suppliers of the 150,000 condoms that were distributed at the Olympic Village for these games. Well played Durex, well played.

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