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Tech start-up HelloCars launches to disrupt how Australians buy and sell used cars

Michael and Paul Higgins

New Australian tech start-up HelloCars recently launched, aiming to give consumers a better way to buy and sell used cars.

The innovative company is founded by entrepreneurial brothers Paul and Michael Higgins who have many years’ experience in the motoring and finance industries behind them.

Car sales people are consistently ranked lowest on the list of trusted professions and Paul and Michael knew they could make a positive change in the industry.

“We know there is a much better way to do used car sales – there is a reason used-car sales people have a bad reputation, because customers often have a poor experience and feel very vulnerable when negotiating with a dealer,” Michael remarked.

“A car is a big investment and customers should feel good about the transaction, not that they’ve been taken for a ride. We don’t have sales people or showrooms, so we can offer the best prices guaranteed,” he added.

Inspired by the success of their entrepreneurial father – Rod Higgins – co-founder of Mortgage Choice, Paul and Michael left the relative safety of corporate jobs to strike out on their own, working out of the Fishburners start-up space in Ultimo. Launching first in Sydney, HelloCars will launch in other capital cities in the months to come.

What exactly does HelloCars do?

Unlike the existing private sale marketplaces, HelloCars takes all the uncertainty and wasted time out of buying and selling used cars, is guaranteed to be cheaper than a dealer and leaves more money in your pocket, whether you’re buying or selling.

“HelloCars does all the hard work for you,” Paul Higgins said. “Only vehicles that have been certified by HelloCars, are under six years old and have fewer than 100,000kms will be sold on our website so you can be assured of the quality of the car you’re buying.

Buyers are also offered a seven-day money-back guarantee if they’re not happy with the vehicle they’ve purchased. For sellers, HelloCars will buy your car from you for the agreed price if it is not sold within 30 days.

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