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Myths busted! The next six minutes may change a lot of what you think you know [VIDEO]

Iron Maiden

You know iron maidens? Not the fourth best heavy metal band of all time (not to be confused with the almost award-winning fourth-most-popular folk duo in New Zealand), but those medieval, metal torture chambers? They never existed.


This, and 49 other things that you may think you know are about to be debunked in this six minute video from Mental Floss. And, let’s face it, six minutes is a lot shorter than the 30 minutes it takes to watch a single episode of QI. And, it only focuses on one letter year! QI is an ambitious 26 year programming feast for sure, but a six minute crash course may be just what you need.

There’s a long weekend coming up. If you’re managing to fit in some socialising rather than working through, arm yourself with some new found knowledge.

Remember. It’s Anthill. We’re here to almost help you every situation.

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50 common misconceptions

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