MYOB Atlas (SMART 100)

MYOB Atlas (SMART 100)


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MYOB Atlas

This innovation initially came to life when…

In 2009, we decided to find out what was happening inside Australian small businesses that was holding them up from getting online and participating in the digital economy.

We already knew that ‘being found’ and ‘attracting new customers’ were key pain-points for business owners and that effective websites are a great way for a business to put itself in front of potential clients.

Our research showed us that for the majority of SMEs, getting a website was all too hard… too technical, too expensive and too time-consuming.

We decided to change all that.


The purpose of this innovation is to…

  1. Make it quick and easy for a business to build a website, tell their story and engage with new visitors.
  2. Take away the barriers holding Australian businesses back from building websites and participating in the digital economy.

It does this by…

Helping a business along an incremental online journey that includes getting a simple website, telling their story, being found in searches, engaging with social media and finally transacting online. 

Features are presented to users only as they’re ready for them and users engage with their website through a simple set of forms supported by detailed contextual help.


This innovation improves on what came before because…

Typical website builders offer ‘turnkey’ solutions with feature sets that are bewildering for SMEs that have struggled to get online. 

Also, traditional tools are not integrated with domain name or web hosting services.

MYOB Atlas is fully integrated with domains and hosting and its lifecycle approach to feature adoption makes it easy for small businesses to become online businesses.


Its various benefits to the customer/end-user include…

Atlas helps SMEs:

  • Get online: with a simple wizard
  • Tell their story: with a gallery and blog
  • Be found: through integrated Google tools including search, Maps and Places
  • Engage online: with full social network integration


In the past, this problem was solved by…

Before Atlas, businesses owners faced two choices: 

  1. Outsource their website building/maintenance
  2. Become adept in the intricacies of HTML, CSS, SEO and other scary acronyms!

Outsourcing can be expensive and it means losing control. Even the simplest change required contacting the web developer, if you could find them.

Atlas puts the business owner in control — no baffling buzzwords.

Its predecessors/competitors include…

  • Web development companies
  • Web content management systems (like WordPress) — which still require technical expertise and don’t specifically help you be found on Google.
  • Website builder tools – similar challenges to WordPress.


It is made for…

MYOB Atlas is designed to make it easier for the more than 60% of Australian businesses who don’t have a web presence. In 2011 having a website is as important to a business as having a telephone. At MYOB we’re taking away the barriers so that every business can build and grow their online presence.


It is available for sale through…

MYOB Atlas is available from and also — the first 50,000 Australian businesses get a free domain name and a free website for 12 months. (It then reverts to $5 per month pay-as-you-go.)

Our marketing strategy is to…

Reach the widest number of businesses through partnering with Google on the Getting Aussie Businesses Online initiative. In 2011 we will provide free websites and domain names to 50,000 Australian businesses. We know that word-of-mouth recommendation is powerful and expect that earlier adopters will be our best advocates.



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  • DOH

    MYOB Atlas rocks

  • Dominic O’Hanlon

    Vote for MYOB Atlas in Anthill’s SMART 100 – Anthill Magazine via @anthillmagazine

  • Dott Nemeth

    Vote for MYOB Atlas in Anthill’s SMART 100 – Anthill Magazine via @anthillmagazine

  • Grant Lingwood-Smith

    Great product – making business life easier.

  • Derek Fish

    Great way to get business engaged in the online world

  • Jeyrun

    I like Atlas – unobtrusive and easy way to get online free. I was looking for such initoative for long time but only MYOB could do that. Good job!

  • Julia Roberts

    I have had several clients who never thought they could get on the Web because it cost too much or it was too technical for them to maintain.  Atlas gives the power back to the client and lets them open their door to the hundreds or thousands of customers that just couldn’t find them to begin with. 

  • Tom Laing

     Vote for MYOB Atlas in Anthill’s SMART 100 – Anthill Magazine via @anthillmagazine:disqus  

  • Robert Higginbottom

     its made the difficulty & expense of getting a website up & running so easy & hassle free well done to myob atlas a great big thumbs up.

  • Rmr44
  • Lonestaraircon

    I have been searching for a free website that is easy to set up without having to piggy-back another company’s web or have their adverts flashing across the screen. Myob has delivered! 

  • Leanne Berry

    Great innovation between MYOB & Google and a win for Aussie  small business!

  • Thecloset

    Found the offer in an advert in the Telstra business magazine and thought I would have a go as I had been loolking for something simple and effective I could do myself. It took longer than the 20minutes advertised but hey I now have a website to attract and keep customers looking for me. I can also update and change it when I want too. Thanks MYOB and Google

  • Rosie Borzillo

    Easy to use, great support from MYOB & Google and fantastic way to get your name out there.  Well done MYOB & Google. 

  • BushCraft Survival Australia

    I’m glad I signed up for MYOB ATlas to create my website and get my domain name.

  • Neville Pinch

    Setting up my website was easy to follow and up date.Directing new customers ther now. MYOB has created another foothold in a professional image, Thanks

  • Jenni

    An excellent and comprehensive package to assist small business with good results.
    Thankyou for the opportunity

  • Nadia French

    I signed up with the getting Aussie Businesses Online for my business Cakes By Nadia within the very first week of it starting.  It has been fabulous for me. It has given me some exposure and added a very professional feel to my business. I have been telling  my friends about it and a few have already signed up.
    Nadia French
    Cakes by Nadia

  • Robert

    Worst hosting site I have used. THEY DO NOT RESPOND DIRECTLY TO ANY EMAILS.
    The site does not allow for full control. Would reccomend that business keep clear of this hosting site.

    Robert Jackson

  • Comfi+

    Well done MYOB & GOOGLE keep up the great work. It’s a great tool to get your name out there. Without costing you an arm & a leg, and the most important thing is that its very easy to set-up. Don’t need to be all tech-ish. Best of luck MYOB! 

  • Benjamin Johnston

     I have been really impressed with the MYOB Atlas website since I started it.  Just as the description above says, getting online can be a really daunting exercise, but Atlas was a revolution.  Sure it’s a bit restrictive but there is enough flexibility built in to tailor it to meet your needs.  And for non tech-heads like me, it was extraordinarily easy to use and setup.
    I’m very pleased with the concept and the offer…and because of it I can now say I am online!

    Benjamin Johnston
    unfold design

  • MosaicManagement

    It’s a hassle-free way of taking what is otherwise a big step. MYOB and Google are to be applauded for the offer. I’ve already got two other businesses on-line and am trying for more.  It’s  a great start to leverage businesses onto the www and improvements can go from there.

  • Jamie

    Too easy… I think is the correct vernacular. I followed the Anthill link and before I knew I had a website, facebook wall and customers telling me they love my pizzas! Now that is a good use of half an hour. Well done to all involved, I have been getting other businesses in our block to jump on the www too, and I don’t do that often. JH-MD fernandospizzapasta

  • Julia Berkhout

    A very great service to the small business community to allow them to get on the web without any expenses and just a tiny part of their limited time. Well done MYOB Atlas! 

  • Relassal

    Vote for MYOB Atlas in Anthill’s SMART 100 – Anthill Magazine via @anthillmagazine

  • Leesa Kube

    I found MYOB atlas so easy to use and set up.  I have been looking for something like this for so long.  Thanks guys what a great job.

  • Peter Jeffery

    MYOB’s latest initiative follows many in the company’s history.  MYOB Atlas is easy to use and successfully bypasses middlemen and technical difficulties for SMEs. 

  • GippsDairyHeifers

    MYOB Atlas gave me the chance to build a website and learn at the same time. Rather than being dependent on someone else and having to rely on their ability, I’m building the website the way I built the business- from the beginning. That’s far better for me and far better for my customers. 

  • Paul

    EASY. I’ve never set up a website before & this was just so simple tp follow. A great idea for a non profit organisation like my workplace. 

  • Egged

     A very good way to get a basic website up and running very quickly. PeCo Systems.

  • Edgardo

    Is a graet web page and easy to set up.Well done to your all.

  • Ghandyside

    MYOB Atlas is a very user friendly tool that has made it easy for me to set-up and maintain my own website to promote my business.  Congratulations MYOB – well done.

  • Camejocarsales

    Excellent, very easy to set up, will recommend it to anyone without a doubt… 

  • Gina Jean Williams

     Fast, easy and perfect for beginners getting their business on line. Here is our website so come and vote for MYOB/Atlas Websites

  • Sundar Sarma

    MYOB Atlas helped me to create and manage a web site for my consulting company. I found it easy to use and help available through internet was very good. 

  • Bordersindiangrocery

     This venture by Atlas Myob and google had helped me in putting together my business’s first ever presence in www. Thanks and all the best. 

  • Paul Durie

    The site is very easy to use and Businesses can have a smart and clean site up very quickly without the need to know any code.

  • Jana Hardaker

    Setup was easy.  Very easy to use.  

  • Steven Wright

    Get your business online – your customers are! Free, simple and fast to set-up, free domain… no excuses!

  • Paul Orford

    Great way of helping small business MYOB. Others are out there trying to Sell this to businesses when they can get it here for free… Why go anywhere else.

  • ACHA

    This is good for small business. 

  • Andrew

    Free for the first year! Worth to try! 

  • Moh’d

    Very easy and convenient to use. Also, domain registration is for free! Excellent product, two thumbs up!

  • Chris Butler

    While I have not setup an MYOB Atlas site in anger as yet, I am only too well versed in the difficulties and expense involved in dealing with external hosting and/or web development providers. I’ve used a few content management packages that are ‘supposed to make it easy’ for end users to manage website content. Now I’m a tech head, and none of them were easy.

    Looking at the how-tos on the Altlas website, and reading the comments here from other users I almost want to cry for the hours I’ve spent in years gone, banging my head against other content management systems and arguing with hosting companies to try to get them to make the changes I wanted.

    As a couple of the comment here elude to, Atlas may not be suitable for companies who have specific, unusual or unquie requirements for a website, but then your not going to get that kind of thing from most WYSIWYG content management systems anyway. This is the kind of stuff you need to pay a web developer for.

    For the average small business owner though, this looks to be the best thing since sliced bread!

  • Julieanne

    Easy set-up – just follow the steps and the business now has a website. Great tool great innovation to get businesses online. 

  • Tim Reed

    Thanks to everyone for the support you’re giving Atlas.  We’re thrilled with the response to this new offering.  LYW!  Tim