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My hovercraft is full of eels … Eels that got into it when I flew over the water hazzard on the golf course [VIDEO]


Originally, many thought that this video was an April Fools joke that was released a day late. Which goes to show, you need to be careful when picking your timing to release something a bit different, especially in the online world. And, perhaps there is another lesson to be learned: make sure your description on YouTube sounds authentic.

But, it is legit. This is a real invention.

Bubba Watson, who is the current reigning Masters Golf Champion, has worked with his sponsors Oakley to develop a new version of the golf cart. The hover golf cart.

It took an interview with Piers Morgan and a story on CNN to get audiences to realise that it was for real and, not a delayed stunt.

And frankly, it looks like it may well put the fun into golf. Notice I didn’t say ‘back into golf’. I’ve never been a fan. But, add a hovercraft into the stakes and well, I may just be tempted to play.

This video demonstrates the current prototype. Inquiries for orders are flying in already. Bubba’s Hova is expected to retail for about $40,000 a pop.

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