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Moreton Bay Systems launches the Digilant wireless solar power surveillance camera


The Digilant wireless-activated solar power surveillance camera was developed by Moreton Bay Systems, an Australian company. The new camera promises to revolutionise surveillance in remote locations that lack power, addressing problems with illegal waste dumping, vandalism and break-ins.

Moreton Bay Systems has unveiled its new Digilant surveillance camera. What sets it apart from other surveillance cameras is that the new Digilant is a wireless solar powered camera, making it perfect for unattended and remote locations that lack power, preventing illegal trespassing, waste dumping, vandalism, monitoring water levels and wildlife activities.

The camera features an exclusive low power image processing, which allows it to operate on its solar panel for long periods of time, and has night vision capabilities.

Being wireless activated, it can be turned on from long distances. The camera also it sends its footage via web and it can be set to operate when it detects motion and in time lapse mode.

Recently, Moreton Bay Systems cameras were chosen by the UK environment Agency to monitor waterways and culverts across the country, preventing dangerous floods. LinkWater uses them in Brisbane for the same purpose.

Photo by thienzieyung

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