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More weird and wonderful business card designs


Back in April 2008 we published a post pointing to a collection of unusual business cards and embedded the great business-card-off scene from the movie American Psycho (which was, until very recently, Christian Bale’s most famous moment).

We’re all for applying creativity with a dash of the absurd as a way to stand out from the crowd. And what better way to leave a lasting first impression on potential business contacts than handing them a business card that will makes them chuckle, gasp or drool with envy?

Crazy Egg founder Neil Patel is hosting an updated collection of the weirdest, wakiest and wittiest business card designs on the planet.

Some of these are jaw-droppingly impressive… and other are just downright dangerous.

Below is just a sample. Check out all 51 at quicksprout.com.









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