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More productivity. Less stress. Rework. [VIDEO]


Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, co-founders of the wildly popular suite of online productivity services 37signals (Basecamp, Highrise, Campfire, etc.), have built a cult following within the burgeoning class of information workers. In short, everything the 37signals guys do is focused on improving productivity and reducing “work”.

So it was with a great Hurrah! that we in the Anthill office greeted the news that Fried and Hansson have just published a business book. Rework distils 37signals’ philosophy and wisdom into 288 pages of advice for the business reader.

Our copies are on order, so we can’t reveal much more about the book until we’ve read it. But 37signals did release some wry promo videos to accompany the book’s release. The best is embedded below.