The might of the Republic of (and other monetary ridiculousness)

The might of the Republic of (and other monetary ridiculousness) [INFOGRAPHIC]


Brisbane’s Reload Media has produced an infographic comparing countries’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP), export revenue and GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) to some of the internet’s top earners.

Amazon comes out on top with revenue of $74.45 billion – would you take the company or all the rum and cigars in Cuba? Behind Amazon is Google, matching the (legal, anyway) revenue of Colombia at $59.82 billion, while eBay waltzes in like a Moroccan belly-dancer at $16.05 billion. Facebook is comparatively third-world, rivalling Jordan in revenue, Tajikistan in GDP and India and China in terms of population (although one Facebook employee is worth roughly 23 times to the economy of Facebook what one American is worth to the economy of the USA).

Now, these multinationals are still small-fry when you compare to them to the upper reaches of the Fortune 500, which is dominated by oil and gas conglomerates. Which begs the question of just when your employee identification tag will replace your passport.

If eBay were a country

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