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    Angel investors are the primary source of risk capital for new company growth in the 21st century, they are powering a new generation of entrepreneurs all over the world. The Australian Association of Angel Investors (AAAI) is the only voice for early-stage investors in Australia and is acknowledged by its international peers as a leader. The AAAI National Conference is the first in the annual calendar, always gets rave reviews and opens topics discussed at other Angel conferences that follow throughout the world. Discover what 2013 holds for this vital sector of the global economy.

    Register now for the conference which runs February 20th-22nd on the Gold Coast. Join hundreds of Angel investors, the entrepreneurs in which they invest, service providers, academics and government folk to learn about Angel investing, get an update on how this important asset class is changing, or to share war stories and gain new wisdom for your own investments.

    Conference delegates get access to the latest in Angel education (beginner and advanced topics), a national showcase of the best Angel-backed companies, engaging conference sessions with leading Angel personalities from Australia and overseas, and plenty of opportunities for relaxed networking.