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    YBF was a great and vibrant locus of young and successful minds all working to develop and achieve their business dreams. The insights of the owners of Anthill, 121cast and Adventure were extremely helpful in moulding and shaping my thought processes regarding my own start-up. James Tuckerman from Anthill gave me a particularly useful tool, named the Gaddie Pitch, which is a great, simple and effective sales pitch, and highly useful for young entrepreneurs to simplify their idea.

    1. You know how….
    2. What we do is….
    3 In fact……

    This identifies the key problem the target market has, how the business is going to solve it, and validation of the solution, in three easily framed sentences. I think it’s brilliant.
    There are so many great new businesses in the York Butter Factory, and I am going to utilise this as a resource now and in the future in cultivating my own start-up. I think the best thing for a fast-growth business owner to have is the community and environment of other fast-growth business owners, as we are all working hard to make our dreams reality.

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