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Melbourne startup No Yelling takes cash out of driving lessons with exclusive PayPal integration


In an Australian first, Melbourne based start-up No Yelling Driving School has recently launched its state-of-the-art “Driver Trainer” feature, a cloud-based Point Of Sale (POS) system for Australian freelance driving instructors.

In direct partnership with Paypal Here Australia, No Yelling released the market-first application to receive cashless payments and track lesson credits. Until now, the driving school industry, which is predominantly cash driven, was yet to be disrupted by digital app technology. With 40 strong freelancers signed up across South East Queensland, No Yelling now has it’s eyes set on national expansion.

No Yelling CEO Jasper Boyschau said since entering the driving school industry the company had long intended to remove cash transactions, but traditional eftpos terminals had proven prohibitively expensive.

“Paypal Here now offers mobile eftpos terminals at $49, reducing the cost by an order of magnitude. We have performed a deep integration with Paypal’s mPOS solution, meaning that our users never have to leave our app. It’s an affordable and truly scaleable solution that we are very excited about,” Mr. Boyschau said.

What next for No Yelling?

The cutting edge software was developed in collaboration with Melbourne based digital design agency Bravo Studios, specialising in mobile apps and scalable e-commerce solutions.

Bravo Studios Head of Technology Pat Mancini commented: “The technology is definitely something we see being adopted more heavily over the next few months and years as it’s incredibly affordable and adaptable for many use cases. Overall, we at Bravo are very proud of what we were able to deliver for the NoYelling crew with Paypal.“

“No Yelling’s next step will be to develop On-Demand Driving Lessons, a service that intelligently matches students with instructors based on timetable preference. Full-time instructors spend upwards of 3 hours per week arranging, confirming and rescheduling lesson appointments.

“No Yelling aims to reduce the total time spent on appointment scheduling as well as reduce last minute cancellations with lesson reminders. The goal is to increase the time spent teaching students while reducing the overall cost of learning to drive,” Mr Boyschau said.

No Yelling Driving School was established in November, 2010 and officially launched its online customer portal in October 2011. Now with 40 partnered freelance driver trainers and having taught more than 30,000 students across South East Queensland, No Yelling has established itself as a market leader in driver education and fleet management technology.

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