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Meet InfoTrack, Anthill 2016 Cool Company Awards WINNER


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Cool Company Awards

The Cool Company Awards were launched in 2006 as a way for Anthill to acknowledge and celebrate Australian organisations that are doing things differently to bring about positive change. Cool Companies stay one step ahead of the rest. They breed leaders who are rule-makers and rule-breakers. They are trend-setters in attitude and action. Quite simply, they are … cool! More.

InfoTrack [Finalist, INNOVATION]

Company: InfoTrack
Website: www.infotrack.com.au
State: NSW

Tedious tasks, no one has time for that, especially a busy legal professional.

Founder Christian Beck looked at the outdated and slow to change legal industry and knew it was time for a breath of fresh air. He envisioned a technology that would break boundaries and influence change in behaviors never seen before.

InfoTrack is already a dominant force in the Australian legal industry, commanding over $20 million in revenues per annum, having launched only years ago, in 2011.

InfoTrack has designed a technology help legal practices go paperless. Gone are the days of piecing together contracts and sifting through mountainous piles of paper.

For example, InfoTrack’s digital conveyancing product, eConveyancing, cuts down on unnecessary spending and wasted resources usually involved in conveyancing projects, such as the reams of paper that each transaction once involved.

On 9 June 2016, Claire Martin, a solicitor at Kreisson, conducted the first fully digital conveyance in the country when she sold her apartment in Dee Why without touching a single piece of paper.

She had access to the money from the sale within 10 minutes. InfoTrack played an integral part in this historic transaction. In fact, it would have been almost impossible without the technology that this cool company has created.

The verdict’s in… For those reasons and many more, InfoTrack is seriously cool.