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Meet Brandology Enterprises, Anthill Cool Company Awards 2014 WINNER [Mobile]


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Brandology Enterprises [WINNER, MOBILE]

Company: Brandology Enterprises 
Website: http://www.georgekonstand.com/
State: NSW
Category: Mobile

Watch out for Australia’s own branding guru — George Konstand.

This entrepreneur has worked on $200 million worth of branding campaigns, moved on to specialize in Behavioral Economics, authored a book, and founded Brandology Enterprises. The company’s mission is to “invent opportunities through branding”, and has an app that does what it says — the InCrowd App.

The app connects entrepreneurs around the world, allowing them to find the right partners at the right time, and improve the quality and experience of live conferences and travel networking.

Some nifty features of the app include GPS-location, chats and forums, and an advanced search function for those seeking specific criteria in their would-be partners. And above all, it seeks to address the need for entrepreneurs to find themselves socially.

Konstand had personally suffered from entrepreneurial loneliness and depression, and the InCrowd App was created as a solution for those who have to brave the scary unknown.

Ask Konstand what his philosophy is, and he says it’s about being “the Conscious Entrepreneur”, a contradiction to companies that charge an arm and a leg for networking opportunities. The company also has a ‘softie’ approach, and prides itself on love. Sounds iffy? Maybe not.

“In an economy of ideas, value is synonymous with meaning. Meaning can only be understood through relevance. Relevance requires empathy. Empathy derives from love.”

We think that’s a cool philosophy for any business to have.

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