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Marketing and selling through resellers and partners other than direct customers [PODCAST]


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What do you do when people start publically criticizing your advertising?

Get straight on the front foot, reach out with dignity, share your thought process, and the results!

… and that’s exactly that the team at Xero.com did with me recently after I wrote a blog post and had a little dig at a marketing campaign they are running.

So on today’s show, Penny Elmslie from Xero’s marketing team joins me to talk about this recent marketing campaign, and share how they deal with the unique challenges of marketing and selling via a community of resellers and partners, rather than direct to the end customer.

We cover a lot of ground in this conversation:

  • begining with how they justify their “street billboard campaign”,
  • how they define their path to market,
  • how to deal with two types of customers/audiences,
  • and most importantly, how to build a global (software SaaS) through resellers.

Pete and Dom talk to Steve about Read It For Me and how he turns his notes into reviews

Read it now.

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