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Look out, Times Square: Hacker can take control of your video screens


The young man in this video tickles our antennae here at Anthill Central. He clearly has a visionary’s mind and a scoundrel’s heart. Where others may see hackery, we see inspiration.

He has rigged up a transmitter to an iPhone4 that, in concert with a tiny repeater, will commandeer any video screen in the vicinity of the latter.

He knew that a demonstration in Times Square, with its plethora of big screens and high security, would jack up the awesomeness of his little gambit. (And it’s impossible to have a video like this go viral without shaking loose some skeptics.)

But what really puts his hack over the top is the look of the gadgets. The bare circuit boards and paper-clip-like antennas are soooo MacGyver. Wild.

UPDATE (25/03/2011): It seems that we were punked! And we weren’t alone. This video was an elaborate hoax to promote ‘action-thriller’ Limitless. We have no idea how this mock example of gadget-hackery relates to the film, but the full story behind the guerrilla marketing exploit can be found here.

Hacking video screens in Times Square

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