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Look in the mirror. Do you see what everyone else sees? Chances are, you don’t [VIDEO]


Dove has long been on a campaign to help women see themselves in a more positive light.

It’s a bold and noble campaign. The highlight of the campaign, until now, is essential viewing for every girl aged from about 10 up. See the second video below if you’ve not seen the Dove Evolution ad.

But, this latest campaign is essential viewing for everyone. Why? Because I think this highlights how most people feel, not just women.

In this campaign a police sketch artist is employed to draw two sketches of the same woman. The sketch artist never see the woman, only draws what he is described.

In the first drawing, the woman describes herself. In the second, the artist is given a description by a stranger who has just met the subject of the drawing.

The results are remarkable and very powerful.

Do we ever see ourselves as others see us?

Video #1: Dove – Real beauty sketches

Video #2: Dove evolution

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