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Leave your wallet at home. You can now buy a round of drinks with your iPhone


Wouldn’t it be easier if your phone could do everything. Well actually, it almost can.

You can now use your iPhone to buy a round of drinks at the pub. Well, some pubs. Six pubs in Sydney to be precise. But, more cities and bars are coming soon. An Android version is also pending.

Aussie made iPhone only app MyShout allows punters to pre-buy for your drinks at these partner bars. The bars are spread from Manly, the CBD and into Darlinghurst.

Not only can you roam wallet free, you can pre-buy your drinks before leaving the house, so you stick to your budget. No more running to the ATM for cash or leaving your credit card behind the bar. Even spending more than your budget in the wee small hours, when it seems like a good idea, can be a thing of the past.

MyShout – shout your friends a drink with your iPhone

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