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The kings of the one-take video are back with an optical illusion filled clip [VIDEO]


You may remember OK Go from this first awesome song and one-take video clip, Here We Go Again! You know it. It’s the one with the treadmills and has over 20 million views.

Or, maybe their human kaleidoscope video.

Perhaps it’s the video using laser etched toast that you’ll recall.

Maybe it’s the ad they did for Chevy for the 2012 Super Bowl, that springs to mind.

These masters of the one-take video have done it again. This time using colour, clothes, fake beards and a catchy tune to create some stunning optical illusions. No CGI was used in the filming of this video. And, again, it was supposedly done in a single take.

The video was released just yesterday and it on its way to clocking 300,000 views.

The virality of this video shows the power of knowing what you’re doing and, doing what you’re known for.

OK Go – The Writing’s On the Wall – Official Video


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